Herbal supplements can be a great way to potentially improve your health. Douglas Labs’ TestoQuench™ for Women features a multi-nutrient blend of herbals to help support optimal health for women. This includes proper maintenance of skin‚ hair‚ heart‚ breasts‚ and other sensitive tissues.

Douglas Labs’ TestoQuench™ capsules are completely vegetarian and provide 1‚440 mg of a proprietary herbal blend. This includes servings of Saw palmetto berry extract‚ Fennel seed‚ Fenugreek seed‚ Chastetree berry‚ and more.

This blend of ingredients may be able to support optimal hormone function‚ which is important for basic health in women. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise‚ these capsules may improve hormone balance‚ tissue health‚ and more.

One of the advantages of Douglas Labs’ TestoQuench™ is its ability to potentially restore healthy androgen functions. This formulation may also support proper blood lipid balance‚ healthy immune functions‚ and appropriate inflammatory responses.

Douglas Labs’ TestoQuench™ capsules may be taken twice daily. Since servings can be adjusted‚ be sure to consult with your certified healthcare professional to determine the best serving size for you.


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